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August 21 Washington, D. C. & Boston, MA—The U. S. Senate has rushed to schedule a vote for September 7th on a new ‘modern’ extradition treaty which has Irish Americans and others up in arms. The British, seeking to capitalize on the recent terrorist incident, have urged its adoption.

The National President of the AOH Jack Meehan (Quincy, MA) put it bluntly in testimony presented to Sen. Lugar (R-IND) last month before a hurriedly scheduled meeting of the Foreign Relations Committee on a Friday. “This Administration, nor any administration, has the power to sign away an American’s right to a fair trial. To attempt to do so by wrapping its rhetoric in the fight against terror is reprehensible.” The AOH leader has joined many other Irish American leaders in warning those who would trifle with our hard fought freedoms and rights. “Not for the first time,” stated Meehan, “would the British have duped American politicians and media on their true purpose. This time the price is too high. I can think of no greater insult to our service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan than to bring such a measure before the U. S. Senate.”

“The push for this treaty is a political maneuver to bypass the Constitution and consolidate even more power in the Executive. ,” stated Ned McGinley (Wilkes-Barre, PA) National Political Education Committee Chair. He continued: “This is not getting tough on terror but a sign of conveyor belt justice. The Constitutional rights of American citizens are being removed for short term political points and no increase in security.”

Mike Cummings, (Albany, NY) National Co-Chair for Freedom for All of Ireland noted “at no time has there been any representation by the Administration that the existing US-UK Treaty is an impediment to any extradition . Why this rush to fast-track an American citizen to a country that has arrest without charge, internment without trial, juryless courts, no presumption of innocence, and has sponsored assassinations of its own citizens like lawyers Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson?”

The National President concluded: “If this Treaty is brought before the Senate, the Senators must do their duty and reject it . Our form of government including the separation of powers is much different and much stronger than that of Britain. We ask our Senators and all Americans to JUST SAY NO to Treaty Doc. 108-23.”
For further info contact Ned McGinley at 570-905-5715, John McInerney at 301-350-6184 or Mike Cummings at 518-482-0349.




This page lists current political issues for which we need the support of the members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and other information which is provided to the members for informational purposes only.


The A.O.H. is strongly opposed to the 2004 US/UK Extradition Treaty now before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Kerry is on this committee. We need each member to write to Senators Kerry and Kennedy urging them to oppose this treaty.


We need your help in getting the members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation to Co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 38 and Senate Joint Resolution 21 recognizing Commodore John Barry as the first flag officer of the United States Navy.

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