Brig Saint John Passenger List


The Wreck of The Brig Saint John

A Tragic Episode of the Irish Famine Immigration
from an article by Martin P. Harney, S. J., M. A., Professor of Irish History at Boston College ….written in 1949

Brig St. John of Galway, Ireland
Lost October 7, 1849 at Cohasset

crew saved: (9), crew lost (7) Antonio McDonough, William Thompson, Michael Conners, William Angiers, Edward Kennelly, plus 2 apprentices boys

Passengers saved (with ages): 11
Austin Kearn-20, Betsey Higgins-21, Michael Fitzpatrick-26, Barbara Kennelly-26, MichaelRedding-24, Mary or Honora Burke-27, (lost 3 children), Catherine Klannagan-20, Mary kane-24, Michael gibbon-26, Mary Slattery-20, Honora Cullen-28 (lost 3 children)

Cabin passengers lost:5
Of Kilnare County Clare
Mary Flannaigan, Nancy Hannagan, Margaret Hannagan
Of Inistivan County Clare
Bridget Quinn, Elizn O’Brien

Steerage passengers lost(90)
Of Inistivan County Clare
Ann Slattery, Bridget Slattery, Hugh Madigan, Margaret Keenan
Of Kunnamara, County Galway
Bridget Connelly, Patrick Sweeney, wife, 9 children
Of Galway
Patrick Corman, Miles Sweeney, Thomas Burke, Mary McDermott, Joyce McDermott &child, Catharine Fitzpatrick, Bridget Burke, Beggy Purkey
Of Lalinen County Clare
Michael Hannagan
Of Killanare County Clare
Patrick Lahiff, John Lahiff, Thomas Riley, Bridget Maddigan
Of Innistivan County Clare
Hugh Glynn
Of Galway
John Belton, Mary Dolan, Thomas Fahey, Bridget Fahey, Martha Fahey, Honor Donnelly,Honora Mullin ans sisters Catherine Henniff and Hennif, Mary Cahill, Patrick Noonan, mary Landsky, Meggy Mullen and sister’s chikd, John Butler
Of Rooan County Clare
Bridget McMahan, Patrick McMahan, Mary Nalon, Mary Frowley and chikd
Of Inness County Clare
Mary Freeman and child, Mr. egan, wife and daughter
Of Dyant County Clare
Martin Sexton, Jeremiah Murphy, James Moran
Of Innistivan County Clare
Margaret Keenan, Miss Broooks
Of Anch County Clare
Daniel Byrnes, Micheal Griffen, Catherine Burnes, Peggy Malloy, Ellen Hassett
Of Kilmsry
Patrick McGrath, James McGrath, Winney Galvin, Mary Galvin, Margaret Kane, Mary McNamara
Of Clare
Honor Lahiff or Rohan, John Lahiff or Rohan, Mary Curtis, Honora Mulkenan, Margaret Mulkenan